What is your lifestyle? 

It is important to health, it is important for ecology, like to know what you eat, and maybe you are a connoisseur of good taste? Our mission is to provide you with health-oriented cuisine, cuisine cooked in a harmony with nature, where you will find the taste, inspiration and energy, Vege kitchen, kitchen Life!

Caring for the least processed products in conjunction with the guarantee of the freshness of the ingredients - this is a feature of our dishes.Benefits for you? First of all, health, hold a feast for the palate.
Benefits for all? Ecological style of your life is also a nod to nature. Remember that each of us has an impact on the world in which we live.

A few facts

VegeLife this restaurant, founded in 2012. The foundation are chefs with knowledge and experience in vegetarian cuisine for which the vege is also a passion. In our restaurants are both breakfasts, dinners and desserts and drinks.
Starting in 2013, is also VegeLife Coffee & More - the delicious coffee, other drinks and fresh sandwiches.